“Stress?” – “… ah, sometimes” :-) Can we change, Dad?” – “The time to relax will come for you…”

Talk with Papa.

“Können wir unseren Tag tauschen, Papa? – Du gehst für mich arbeiten, und ich für dich ins Café…” 🙂

He says, he’s just on the way to his favorite Caféteria, Katzung, in Innsbruck. There, he usually drinks a coffee or two, and a “Gipfeli”, I guess, according to his 40 years in St. Gallen, Zurich, Bern, Luzern, Geneva… and then goes for a walk in silence….

Papa says: “Take it easy, that is the most important.” 🙂
“The time will come when this will be easier for you… “

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