Change your mood.

by Richard Bandler

When you feel good, you tend to make good decisions.

Changing your mood:

  1. When you are in a bad mood, three Things will be happening:
    – SEEING: You make images that make you feel bad,
    – HEARING: talking to yourself in a pessimistic way,
    – FEELING bad.

Notice the images, sounds and feelings inside your head.

2. Thinking about what you want to do, figure out what is the most useful state for you to be in.

3. SEEING. Move the negative images away and replace them with positive images that make you feel the way you want to feel

4. HEARING: Use the mantra to shut off your negative internal voice saying whatever it says to make you feel bad. Replace it with good suggestions, Statements, encouragement , and compliments to yourself. Bandlers favorite Mantra: “Shut the fuck up…”

5. FEELING: Notice what direction the feeling is spinning. Spin the feeling in the opposite direction.

6. Change around your physiology. Move about and breathe differently and imagine a time when you felt fantastic.

See what you saw, hear what you heard and spin the feeling strongly through your body.


“Change the way you think,

Change the way you feel,

Change the way you act.”

by Richtard Bandler

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